Work day in Vallisaari

On Tuesday, 21 April 2015 we spent one work day in Vallisaari Island, which we visited last autumn on our recreation day. We cleared overgrown areas and picked up garbage. The placemarks on the map are explained with photos below. The photos can be enlarged by clicking.


We arrived at the dock called Torpedo dock on a boat belonging to the city. Our equipment was in the trailers of two utility vehicles. The second photo shows the narrow ishtmus leading to the adjacent Kuninkaansaari Island.

My group cleared the beach in Kuninkaansaari. I picked up garbage from the water, raked the beach and piled up the young trees that were cut down.

We only worked until noon, and after lunch we had a tour of the island. The photos show the fresh water reservoir and the twigs of a birch tree.

I was just taking a photo of Suomenlinna fortress on the top of the fortification, when my friend walked by. The photo turned out nicely anyway. We got to go inside an ammunition storage, which was beautifully built.

We couldn't go to Alexander's battery this time, because an eagle-owl is nesting there. The island will be opened to the public next year, so the Metsähallitus (forestry administration) is going to build artificial nests and hopes the owl will agree to stay away from the main attraction of the island in the future.

While walking around the island, we saw seven frogs and heard a grey-headed woodpecker. In the sea there was a grey seal, but I only saw a glimpse of it.

When returning, I had just driven the utility vehicle off the boat and was starting to go back to headquarters, when it ran out of gas. Luckily the others were still close by and had a canister of gasoline.