Sipoonkorpi National Park

On Saturday, 5 July 2014 I went to Sipoonkorpi National Park and its surrounding forests. I was supposed to be there until Monday morning, but eventually I came back already on Sunday morning. The placemarks on the map are explained with photos below. The photos can be enlarged by clicking.

The red line is the route I walked on Saturday, and the blue line is the route on Sunday. According to the calculations by Google Maps API, the routes were about 13km and 9km, but this is only a rough estimate.


8.45 I start walking towards the bus stop. The bus leaves at 9.03.

9.30 I get out of the bus and start to walk.

10.36 Brännberg Rock. Pretty red grass.

11.20 A teepee made by a local sports association.

Along the way there were several magnificent bridges. In areas without paths I had to manage without them.

I went to see a spring marked on the map. It turned out to be just a wet patch on the ground.

12.57 A giant's kettle formed during the ice age.

14.14 Katronträsk Lake.

15.09 While I was having a break, a bread crumb fell to the ground, and ants found it immediately. After the break, I started going to an entirely different direction than I thought, and finally I had to check my phone's GPS for the correct direction.

17.45 Fiskträsk Lake. I went swimming twice. The water was warm and it was nice to get the sweat off.

After checking out the forest near the lake, I put up my camp. I used the Hennessy Hammock Expedition A-Sym. I went to sleep at ten in the evening. Or so I thought.


It got really cold during the night. I tried to ignore the cold, but I couldn't sleep. At last at half past two I got up, packed my stuff and continued my journey. I decided to walk a bit shorter route than I had originally planned for Sunday, and then go home. I couldn't have managed another night like this one.

3.17 I admired the lake in the morning mist and then set off. Along the shore I saw another man's camp. He had the same hammock as I did. He woke up and was really frightened. I said there was nothing to be afraid of and told I had the same hammock and that I had to go on because of the cold.

3.53 I didn't remember which path I had taken to the lake, but there was a sign which guided me to a path going towards Helgträsk Lake. The photo is of a field covered in the morning mist next to that lake.

5.32 Another giant's kettle. Both while going to the giant's kettle and south from there I had to use the GPS again not to go to the wrong direction. Without proper landmarks I just couldn't keep going straight.

7.36 Högberget Rock. The cross in the middle photo is a benchmark located 74.6m above sea level. The difference to the surrounding terrain was about 45m. It was odd being there already that early in the morning. Originally I had intended to spend the second night on the top of the rock, and only walk to the bus stop Monday morning. Now I hopped on the bus already on Sunday at 8.15 and returned home.

8.45 Home. Exactly 24 hours after leaving. It took a while to realize it had really been only that much time.


Heath spotted orchid, Dactylorhiza maculata. There were a lot of these everywhere.

Lesser butterfly-orchid, Platanthera bifolia. I only saw these in one place.

Lesser wintegreen, Pyrola minor. The were some of these around Fiskträsk Lake.